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As we are committed to managing our operations, products, and services in such a way to preserve, protect and enhance the environment, we work hard to minimise our effects and reduce our carbon footprint wherever possible.

We have already improved our Callisto Compact Preloaded single use laryngoscope handles and are very pleased to advise you that we have recently completed the improvements to the Callisto Adult Preloaded Handle too.

The improvements have enabled us to reduce the number of components required in the manufacturing process, whilst not compromising on the integrity, safety and performance of the handle. The reduction in plastic in the handle alone equates to approximately 7.4% and the changes have also enabled us to significantly reduce the use of further unnecessary packaging, plus the handles are recyclable too (excl. batteries). The improved handle is less obstructive as it is shorter providing a more comfortable grip for even better control.

The Callisto Adult Preloaded Handle will be superseded by the Callisto Adult V2 Preloaded Handle, and you can expect to start receiving the new and improved handle in your upcoming deliveries (including kits) from February 2022.

Timesco Product Code Description
DS.3940.480.10Single Use Callisto Adult Preloaded Handle
DS.3940.450.10Single Use Callisto Adult V2 Preloaded Handle

Callisto Adult V2 Preloaded Handle
Product Code: DS.3940.450.10
Measurements: 119mm (h) x 33mm (w*)


Callisto Adult Preloaded Handle
Product Code: DS.3940.480.10
Measurements: 140mm (h) x 33mm (w*)


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*Width is measured at the head of the handle. Rounded to the nearest mm.