Developments to our Single-Use Resuscitation (BVM) range


We wanted to inform you of a change we have made to our Single-Use Resuscitation (BVM) range.

Our priority is to always ensure you receive high quality products at a price that suits your budget.

Therefore, we have made the decision to supply new resuscitators (BVMs) which supersedes our old resuscitators. We are confident that these new products meet our quality expectations, and the features of these products are the equivalent of our old stock of resuscitators. We are also pleased that this change allows us to ensure there will be no increase to your current pricing, which we realise is very important during this time.

We are advising all customers to switch to the new resuscitators and we are pleased to confirm the new stock is available so the switch will not cause any disruption to our supply chain.

Should you wish to evaluate any samples before committing to the product switch, we also samples available that we can arrange to be sent to you.

The products affected have been detailed below, and if you are happy to proceed with our new products, there will be no change to your current pricing.

The new resuscitators are also available via an NHS Supply Chain route and the NPC codes and links are shown in the table below.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require any further information or click here to view more product information.

Current Product CodeCurrent DescriptionNEW Product CodeNEW DescriptionNPC Code
TDM-BVM-0300Infant 300ml BVM – Size 0 MaskTDM-RES-0280Infant 280ml BVM – Size 0 MaskFDE1627
TDM-BVM-0550Child 550ml BVM- Size 1 & 2 MasksTDM-RES-0550Child 550ml BVM- Size 1 & 2 MasksFDE1626
TDM-BVM-0551Child 550ml BVM- Size 0,1 & 2 MasksTDM-RES-0551Child 550ml BVM- Size 0,1 & 2 Masksn/a
TDM-BVM-1000Adult 1000ml BVM – Size 5 MaskTDM-RES-1000Adult 1000ml BVM – Size 5 MaskFDE1628
TDM-BVM-1400Adult 1400ml BVM – Size 5 MaskTDM-RES-1500Adult 1500ml BVM – Size 5 MaskFDE1629
TDM-BVM-1600Adult 1600ml BVM – Size 5 MaskTDM-RES-1500Adult 1500ml BVM – Size 5 MaskFDE1629
TDM-BVM-1600WAdult 1000ml BVM with Pop-off Valve – Size 5 MaskTDM-RES-1500WAdult 1500ml BVM with Pop-off Valve – Size 5 MaskFDE1625

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