Callisto Eclipse Tilting Tip Laryngoscope Blades

  • CE marked
  • Single Use
  • Latex Free
  • ISO 7376 compatible
  • Supplied with comprehensive instructions
  • Compatible handles are colour coded
  • Supplied in boxes of 10

* Image of Callisto Eclipse (Tilting Tip) Laryngoscope Adult No. 3 Blade

The Callisto Eclipse Tilting Tip Laryngoscope Blades form part of the Timesco Callisto range; our brand is trusted and respected due to its high level of clinical performance. Offering Callisto Eclipse Tilting Tip Laryngoscope blades in size 3 and size 4 with exceptional specifications including; a rigid metal spatula, secure fitting and no touch hook to reduce the risk of cross infection.

  • Callisto Eclipse Tilting Tip Laryngoscope blades have a lever and a tilting tip to assist with difficult intubations. The tip elevates the epiglottis with minimal force and reduces the possibility of damage to teeth.
  • Highly polished 4mm acrylic core for maximum illumination.
  • Rigid metal spatula looks and feels like a reusable fibre optic blade.
  • Lever positioned at the rear of the blade to control the tilting tip.
  • 2 metal ball bearings for a secured fit.
  • Green ISO 7376 fitting plastic block compatible with green fitting single use handles and reusable handles.
  • No touch hook prevents the blade from touching the handle so reusable handles will not get contaminated.
  • The tilting tip elevates the epiglottis providing an improved view of the larynx, without excessive force.
  • The tilting tip on the blades allow greater flexibility and control during many difficult intubation cases such as cervical spine and neck injuries, prominent upper teeth and displacement of the larynx.

Cat. NoDescriptionDim ADim BDim C 
NPC Code
DS.3940.175.20Callisto Laryn Blade Eclipse 3134mm
DS.3940.175.25Callisto Laryn Blade Eclipse 4155mm


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