ETT Preformed Nasal-North Uncuffed

  • Available in sizes 3.0 – 8.5, sold in boxes of 20.
  • Introducing the Timesco endotracheal tube range.
  • Murphy Eye: Provides an alternate pathway for gas flow in case of occlusion.
  • Closely spaced coil (on reinforced only): Increases strength & flexibility, reducing the risk of occlusion whilst in use.
  • High quality valve: For reliable control of cuff inflation and pressure.
  • Clear 15mm connector: Enables connection to standard anaesthetic and ventilation breathing system equipment.
  • Radio-opaque line: To enable identification of the endotracheal tube on a chest X-Ray.
  • Single Use: Reduces the risk of contamination
  • Calibration: An accurate indication of insertion depth and an aid for monitoring the endotracheal tube position.
  • Depth marker lines: To facilitate the placement of the tube during intubation. (This should always be confirmed by auscultation).
  • High volume, low pressure cuff: Minimising trauma to the trachea with a low pressure seal against the tracheal wall protecting the patient’s airway, preventing leakage and allowing accurate control of gas flow.
  • Smooth soft tip: To reduce the potential of tracheal trauma during intubation.

Please see table for ordering details.

SKU: TDM-D-6930, TDM-D-6935, TDM-D-6940, TDM-D-6945, TDM-D-6950, TDM-D-6955, TDM-D-6960, TDM-D-6965, TDM-D-6970, TDM-D-6975, TDM-D-6980, TDM-D-6985 Categories: , , , , , ,

The Timesco ETT Preformed Nasal-North Uncuffed are available in sizes 3.0 to 8.5.

Product DescriptionProduct CodeNPC Code
Nasal-North Uncuffed 3.0TDM-D-6930FSM3508
Nasal-North Uncuffed 3.5TDM-D-6935FSM3509
Nasal-North Uncuffed 4.0TDM-D-6940FSM3510
Nasal-North Uncuffed 4.5TDM-D-6945FSM3511
Nasal-North Uncuffed 5.0TDM-D-6950FSM3512
Nasal-North Uncuffed 5.5TDM-D-6955FSM3513
Nasal-North Uncuffed 6.0TDM-D-6960FSM3514
Nasal-North Uncuffed 6.5TDM-D-6965FSM3515
Nasal-North Uncuffed 7.0TDM-D-6970FSM3516
Nasal-North Uncuffed 7.5TDM-D-6975FSM3517
Nasal-North Uncuffed 8.0TDM-D-6980FSM3518
Nasal-North Uncuffed 8.5TDM-D-6985FSM3519


An extensive range of Timesco Endotracheal Tubes with a high quality valve for reliable control of cuff inflation and pressure & a smooth soft
tip reducing the potential of tracheal trauma during intubation. A large variety of sizes and styles available to suit the needs of the patient, all at a competitive price.

QUALITY AT A COMPETITIVE PRICE. Our endotracheal tubes are available to buy now for up to 70% less than the average selling price of similar products on NHS Supply Chain helping you to save money whilst not compromising on quality.

REPUTABLE BRAND. As a family owned business, Timesco have been at the forefront of medical product design and innovation since 1964 and are recognised as one of the most progressive and innovative companies within the industry. We are proud to manufacture and supply an unrivalled portfolio of medical products to medical professionals in Anaesthesia, Surgery, Podiatry & General Medical.

END USER SATISFACTION. It’s important that the end user is satisfied with the products that we supply. From concept through to design and manufacture, our aim is to deliver products made to exceed internationally recognised quality standards and customer expectations.

CONVENIENT LOGISTICS. All of our products are available to order direct, alternatively we work with third party distributors including NHS Supply Chain, Bunzl and Squadron. The majority of our General Medical products are available across a number of NHS Supply Chain framework agreements.

SALES SUPPORT. We have a dedicated external field sales team strategically located offering extensive coverage across the UK (Territory Manager details are available on request). We also have an internal sales/customer support team based at our head office in Basildon, Essex.

Our sales and support team are available Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm. Tel: 01268 297710 | Email: [email protected] | Live chat:


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