Reusable Bipolar Forceps – Straight/Angled with Fine/Broad Tip

  • Bipolar forceps available in a variety of sizes straight/angled with fine/broad tip
  • All available direct from Timesco or via NHS Supply Chain
  • Order codes provided in the table below
SKU: 87.640.20, 87.645.20, 87.655.20, 87.660.20, 87.665.20, 87.668.20, 87.670.20, 87.672.20, 87.640.40, 87.645.40, 87.655.40, 87.660.40, 87.665.40, 87.668.40, 87.670.40 Categories: , ,

Reusable Bipolar Forceps – Straight/Angled with Fine/Broad tip available direct from Timesco or via NHS Supply Chain. Ordering codes provided in the table below.

87.640.20Bipolar forceps straight 15.5cm with fine 0.50mm tipFIC24270
87.645.20Bipolar forceps straight 15.5cm with broad 1.00mm tipFIC24272
87.655.20Bipolar forceps straight 18cm with fine 0.50mm tipFIC24274
87.660.20Bipolar forceps straight 18cm with broad 1.00mm tipFIC24186
87.665.20Bipolar forceps straight 19.5cm with fine 0.50mm tipFIC24188
87.668.20Bipolar foceps straight 19.5cm with broad 1.00mm tipFIC24176
87.670.20Bipolar forceps straight 22cm with fine 0.50mm tipFIC24178
87.672.20Bipolar forceps straight 22cm with broad 1.00mm tipFIC24180
87.640.40Bipolar forceps angled 15.5cm with fine 0.50mm tip
87.645.40Bipolar forceps angled 15.5cm with broad 1.00mm tip
87.655.40Bipolar forceps angled 18cm with fine 0.50mm tip
87.660.40Bipolar forceps angled 18cm with broad 1.00mm tip
87.665.40Bipolar forceps angled 19.5cm with fine 0.50mm tip
87.668.40Bipolar forceps angled 19.5cm with broad 1.00mm tip
87.670.40Bipolar forceps angled 22cm with fine 0.50mm tip


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