Sirius XL Eclipse Blade & Xenon Handle

Sirius XL Eclipse Blade & Xenon Handle

  • Fully autoclavable
  • Compatible handles are colour coded
  • CE marked
  • Latex free
  • ISO 7376 compatible
  • Supplied with multilingual instructions
  • Extensive guarantee

The Sirius XL Eclipse Blade & Xenon Handle sets are available in Macintosh sizes 2, 3 & 4, supplied in a case.

Sirius XL Eclipse Laryngoscope Blades: The Sirius XL Eclipse laryngoscope blades belong to the industry leading Sirius XL family of blades, exclusively available from Timesco. They are made from high grade stainless steel & incorporate an exceptional glass fibre optic core, allowing maximum light from the Timesco Xenon laryngoscope handles to reach the articulating tip of the blades.

The Sirius XL Eclipse laryngoscope blades are supplied with an extensive 5 year guarantee; our mark of quality that you can trust. The Sirius XL Eclipse laryngscope blades are fully autoclavable and available in Macintosh design sizes 2, 3 & 4, benefitting from an enclosed fibre optic core preventing any ingress of debris, allowing for easy cleaning.

Timesco also offer a complete range of standard Sirius XL blades. The Sirius XL Eclipse laryngoscope blades are an invaluable aid for difficult intubations as they feature a flexible tip for elevation of the epiglottis fold providing an improved view of the trachea without excessive force resulting in less patient trauma.

Timesco Xenon Laryngoscope Handle: The Timesco Xenon laryngoscope handles are fully autoclavable and have an extensive guarantee. They offer exceptionally bright illumination from a replaceable Xenon bulb and can be used with reusable and single use blades.

A polished metal collar reflects and directs light up towards the fibre core of the blade for maximum illumination. Clear product branding with the product code and CE located on the opposite side to the Xenon logo. The LOT number is shown on the top of the handle. Knurled handle design provides excellent grip. Fully autoclavable metal handle, covered by a 5 year guarantee or 4,000 autoclaves, whichever is sooner.

Super-bright replaceable 2.5V Xenon bulb providing excellent, white illumination with a LUX output of 18,000. Bulbs provide up to 20 hours of use and a colour temperature of 2,900(k). Colour coded band to clearly identify it is ISO 7376 fitting compatible with green fitting reusable and single use blades. Powered by dry cell batteries or easily converted to a rechargeable handle by using the Timesco R Lithium Engines. Secure screw cap for easy access to batteries. Spare bulbs available in a pack of 6 using product code 3000.900.20.

Product CodeDescriptionMeasurements*
2955.176.15Sirius XL Eclipse Macintosh 2 and Xenon Handle in case115mm x 24mm
2955.176.20Sirius XL Eclipse Macintosh 3 and Xenon Handle in case135mm x 24mm
2955.176.25Sirius XL Eclipse Macintosh 4 and Xenon Handle in case160mm x 24mm

The Timesco Sirius XL Eclipse laryngoscope blades benefit from an articulating tip to enable the elevation of the epiglottis fold; providing an improved view of the trachea without excessive force, resulting in less risk of patient trauma especially in difficult intubations. For example:

  • Patients with restricted mouth opening
  • Patients with protruding teeth
  • Patients that have decreased neck movement
  • Patients with spinal injuries
  • Patients with cervical neck collars in use

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