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Who We Are

In 1964, Capt. M.F. Bhatti founded Timesco Healthcare Ltd, previously known as Timesco of London. Initially, the company produced surgical instruments for leading English brands. However, as the company expanded, it established its own direct sales teams and began supplying products under its own brand names. Timesco Healthcare eventually expanded into Anaesthesia, General Medical and Podiatry products.

Despite remaining a family business, Timesco Healthcare has gained recognition as one of the most progressive surgical and medical companies in the UK. The company values exceptional quality and service as a primary objective in its day-to-day operations. Its ultimate goal is to serve the healthcare needs of consumers worldwide, with a focus on developing innovative medical technologies that improve the quality of life and save lives.6


We have a skilled Direct Sales Team and Customer Support Teams to market our products directly to the NHS and Private Sectors. Our Hospital Sales Team Territory Managers have specialist knowledge and are supported by a skilled Support Team to provide personalized service to our customers. Dedicated Product Managers provide specialist knowledge and education to our Sales Team, while our Business-to-Business Manager manages our commercial or trade clients.

To ensure the highest quality products, we have an extensive quality control department at our Basildon facility. All our instruments undergo rigorous QA and QC checks and tests to meet our exacting quality standards. We produce informative literature and attend exhibitions to showcase our product ranges and obtain feedback from our markets.


Through resourceful marketing, strategic alliances, and commercial acumen, Timesco™ has become a leading player in the medical industry. We work in close partnership with organizations, trusts, and professionals to develop new medical technologies and ensure our products maintain high professional standards. Education and research are integral components of our business, alongside marketing.

We leverage new technology to support our business, expand market share, reduce waste, and provide information to both staff and customers. Our success is underpinned by a strong team, exceptional customer service and marketing, and abundant resources that drive progress in our company and our services to customers.

TIMESCO™ History