Timesco Healthcare Ltd, formerly known as Timesco of London, was established in 1964 by Capt. M.F. Bhatti, as a manufacturer of surgical instruments for major English instrument brands. As we grew, we developed our own direct sales teams and started supplying products under our own brand names, eventually expanding into Anaesthesia, General Medical and Podiatry products.

Today, we have remained a family business but are recognised as one of the most progressive surgical and medical companies in the UK.

We consider exceptional quality and service as a primary objective in our day-to-day operations. It is our goal to serve the healthcare needs of our consumers throughout the World; fundamentally aiming to develop innovative medical technologies that will save or improve the quality of life.


We market our products directly to the NHS and Private Sectors through a highly skilled Direct Sales Team and Customer Support Teams.

Our Hospital Sales Team Territory Managers have detailed and specialist product knowledge and decades of experience in a variety of hospital departments. A very skilled Support Team works closely with each Territory Manager to provide a personal level of service to each of our customers.

We have dedicated Product Managers who provide specialist product knowledge and education and support for our Sales Team. Our commercial or trade clients are managed and supported by our Business-to-Business Manager.

To deliver the highest quality products, consistently, we have an extensive quality control department at our Basildon facility. Each reusable instrument we sell undergoes a series of QA and QC checks and tests to ensure the product is fit for purpose and meets our exacting quality standards. All our instruments are manufactured in a variety of factories to our specifications and technical files.

We take pride in our marketing and creative material striving to produce informative literature that not only presents our products, but provides educational information. We attend a number of exhibitions each year where we use the opportunity to demonstrate our products and allow customers to see, first hand, the high calibre of our product ranges and obtain feedback from our markets.


Resourceful marketing, strategic alliances and commercial acumen have helped bring Timesco to the forefront of the medical industry.

We work in partnership with organisations, trusts and professionals to develop new medical technologies and to ensure our products remain of a high professional standard. We consider education and research to be as much a part of our business as our marketing.

We use new technology to underpin our business, grow market share, minimise waste and provide a source of information for both our staff and customers.

A strong team, excellent customer services and marketing, combined with our resources, help to develop company progress, business and customer services.



  • Personal Customer Service

  • End User Satisfaction

  • Convenient Logistics

  • Reputable Brand

  • Extensive Product Range

  • Clinical Feedback

  • Quality Products

  • Product Training