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Timesco R Engines

  • CE marked
  • Latex Free
  • Extensive guarantees
  • Supplied with multilingual instructions
  • 89/336/EEC Electromagnetic compatibility directive (as amended)
  • 73/23/EEC Low voltage directive (as amended)
SKU: 3115.150.20, 3115.150.50 Categories: , , , , ,


Timesco R Engines – A quick, simple and low cost solution to convert existing dry cell laryngoscope handles to a rechargeable version. Simply replace the dry cell batteries with the equivalent Timesco R engine.

Product CodeDescription
3115.150.20Timesco R Engine Small (AA size), 2.5v
3115.150.50Timesco R Engine Medium (C Size), 2.5v
  • Timesco R engines are guaranteed for 3 years.
  • The engines convert Timesco reusable handles to a rechargeable system. No special end caps/modifications required (excluding stubby handles).
  • The batteries use Lithium Ion technology to provide quick charging in an ION-R charger, (typically takes approx. 4 hours to fully charge batteries for medium handles) and deliver consistent and reliable power.
  • Adaptors/Inserts are used to ensure that both engine sizes fit into the ION-R charger.

The ION-R charger is an innovative, patented (patent number 2494141), intelligent and efficient lithium recharger for use with ION-R engines and Timesco-R engines.

  • Once engines are fully charged the recharger will switch to a low power mode to avoid using unnecessary electricity.
  • Only the engine is inserted into the charger, reducing the risk of cross contamination from a handle to the charger.
  • The ION-R charger (single and daisy chained) takes approx. 4 hours to fully charge batteries for medium handles.
  • A fully charged Timesco R Engine Medium (C Size) will last approx. 2 hours
  • The colour changing LED indicates the health of the battery and the charging cycle.
  • Side plates can be removed to daisy chain 3 chargers together to receive power from a single power supply.